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Modern Aluminum Systems

The modern aluminum system used for the production of exterior architectural elements that require thermal and acoustic insulation.


  1. Windows may be used both in individual buildings and in aluminum facades.
  2. Increased thermal insulation of the aluminum system thanks to the application of an extra chamber in the thermal break.
  3. Very good heat transmittance coefficient U thanks to the application of thermal breaks.
  4. A great choice of colours in the standard colour range enables us to satisfy the of most demanding clients.
  5. The profile shape enables to obtain the slender and resistant structure of the windows and doors.
  6. Tightness is ensured thanks to the application of special gaskets made of two-component EPDM synthetic rubber: solid and cellular, which provides many years of exploitation as well as great thermal insulation.
  7. Wide range of filling thickness guarantees the possibility to use any standard and non-standard glass.
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The perfect combination of durability and wood aesthetics.
  1. Classic and elegant design coherent with current architectural trends.
  2. Great selection of colours for the interior thanks to the wide colour palette for aluminum and wood.
  3. Lots of design possibilities regarding the shapes – from rectangles, trapezoids, arches, circles and other non-standard shapes.
  4. Great parameters in energy efficiency and sound insulation.
  5. High safety level guaranteed by the stability of the aluminum profile combined with high-quality Maco fittings.
  6. Easy for upkeep and care, thanks to the external aluminum profile.
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A perfect solution for demanding Clients!

Modern design, innovative technology and high energy efficiency that ensures lower heating bills!

  1. Energy efficiency as a result of the optimal profile structure, specially designed sealing system made of foamed EPDM and glass packages with low thermal transmittance.
  2. Modern design that is guaranteed by the slim, round-shaped profiles.
  3. High safety level guaranteed by two anti-burglary bolts in standard.
  4. Wide range of veneer colours that ensure numerous interior design styles.
  5. Good parameters of sound insulation that ensure acoustic comfort even in places with intense traffic.
  6. Great parameters of air permeability and water-resistance as a result of using triple sealing.
  7. The system offers great resistance to wind load thanks to optimal reinforcement.
  8. The possibility to execute in the so-called thin welding technology (V-Perfect), that allows connecting the profiles perfectly and it guarantees better clamp and wielding control, and, as a result, very good parameters in the resistance tests of the corners.
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